February 05, 2007

Ok so it's

February now and I never post anything anymore. Well I have a pretty good reason. Things have been really crazy here lately. Kyan has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately. He was admitted last weekend for a tongue bleed. It was really SCARY!!! He lost so much blood that he was pale and lethargic etc. He ended up getting stuck 15 times while being in the hospital. I am not sure what has brought on his poor vein access lately. Maybe the frequency of his bleeds. His hematologist finally said it was time for a port. So we go back to the hospital this Friday the 9th for port surgery. I am nervous and excited at the same time. The port should allow us to have some much needed normalcy! But at the same time I am apprehensive of having him cut open to have it put in his chest. Plus now I get to be the bad guy and have to stick him now. It was nice to have the nurses get that bad reputation of being the one who sticks and mommy be the one who just cuddles him afterward!!

My sister and mom are coming down to help w/ Nevaeh. Trey gets another group of soldiers on Thursday, so he won't be around much. Well I will try to post more another day.

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Me said...

Wow, so sorry about Kyan's bleeds! I guess the port is a good/bad thing, huh?

Darrell graduates his bunch this week, then finally get a half-way decent break. Whew! It's been awhile...