February 20, 2007


Kyan had his port surgery. It went really well. In fact the insision is already healed up. Yesterday I tried to stick the needle in his port for the first time. "Tried" being the key word. I didn't anticipate that it was going to be that hard to push thru. So I freaked out and passed the needle off to the nurse that was helping me. She explained that not only does the needle need to pass thru the skin, it also needs to pass thru the rubber of the port. I didn't realize that, so sticking a needle in a port is going to be a lot different then just sticking it thru skin. Plus it isn't a regular needle, its a huber needle (its angled). Hopefully next time I won't freak out and be able to do it. We are having home infusion nurse start coming to the house twice a week to help me. Which hopefully will work out wonderfully, so that I don't have to make that trip to Palmetto Richland anymore. Not that I don't just love the nurses at the Blood Disorder Clinic. I have bonded with them so well of the last couple of months. It will be strange not seeing or talking to them as much as I did before. Well I better run. Kyan is awake from his nap and I am off to the post office. I will write more later.


Me said...

Wow. Hang in there, mom.

I'm glad you'll be getting help at home. Very cool.


carrie*postma said...

yikes! thats got to be difficult...I bet you get the hang of it after a few times. hang in there!

Mama Hen said...

Sorry you have to stick your little guy, mom. That must be really hard but you and him will get used to it and it and down the road will be like changin' a diaper "quick". Hang in there! PS. you should add NURSE to your profile!