January 06, 2007

Bad Bad Blogger

So OK, I am pretty terrible lately at blogging. Everyone here has gotten a cold, so blogging just isn't a priority. I am finally going to put up some pictures from Christmas. Trey hasn't been working much lately. No soldiers yet. Probably not till sometime in February. Kyan is walking really well now. Still falling sometime. He is also turning into a toddler!! I am losing my baby!!!!! I registered Nevaeh for next year for preschool. She will be going 5 days a week to prepare for kindergarten. We painted Kyan's bedroom. Finally. I will try to remember to take some pictures of it and post them. Not to much else going on. I will post some more later.

1 comment:

Me said...

Yay! I'm glad Trey has some time off. We're looking forward to our turn, as soon as D's current class graduates early next month.

Yes, more pictures please. :)

- Kim