February 18, 2009

Anyone need to rent a house?

Our renter's moved out today. Wow did they destroy the house! I can't believe it. Guess they won't be getting their deposit back. I went over their after I had gotten done taking Kyan to the doctor for a high fever. Because of him having a port everytime he spikes a high fever we have to get labs to see if he has a blood infection.

February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Got these super cute shirts for the kids from Gymboree. I especially love Kyan's shirt! He is a true ladies man! They wore them to school today.

February 10, 2009


Took Trey back to the airport today. 2 weeks isn't long enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 07, 2009

Rummage Sale Today

Went to the Junior League Rummage sale at the fair grounds today. Wow! Never been before but it was crazy. Trey ended up taking the kids to the car, too many people there. Did find some good stuff but then missed out on some good stuff to not getting there early enough.

February 02, 2009

100th Day of School Project

We had to make a 100th day of school project for Nevaeh's class. It had to be 100 of something in groups of 10. We made the number 100 out of buttons on poster board.