November 11, 2006

Fun Fun

We went yesterday to a free dinner/training class on inhibitors by Novo Nordisk . We end up going to a lot of this types of meetings. The more knowledge the better in my opinion. Inhibitors scare me!! Kyan and Nevaeh came with us. They were so good. The restaurant (which seems to be a favorite for Factor companies) is a nice one with table clothes etc. Kyan kept trying his hardest to pull the table cloth straight off the table. And pretty much ate the entire time we were there. Everyone always get a kick out of his appetite.

On a side note, the head bonk from Thursday is much, much better. Kyan did however decide to test his factor 8 response and fall out of the bathtub after his bath. And like magic, the bump from the fall was gone the next moring. WOW!!! I am loving factor. If only it would last longer than 12 hours!!!

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