November 03, 2009

What scent defines you??

The folks at Downy and Twittermoms asked the question "If you could define yourself with a scent, what scent would represent you and why?"

This question is easy for me. My absolute favorite scent of ALL time is vanilla! I LOVE vanilla. I buy vanilla candles, vanilla perfume, vanilla lotion. I used to wear vanilla extract from The Body Shop. Everyone would always say I smelled like chocolate chip cookies.

Why do I love vanilla so much?? I don't know for sure. I am allergic to many flowery scents, so I tend to stick to food scents. I also guess if reminds me of baking with my mom when I was little too. I used to love to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch with her.


knitwit said...

I love vanilla too! At this time of year, cinnamon is nice too. And lilac in the spring, coffee in the morning, fresh-baked bread...I could go on and on here!

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

I'm also a vanilla girl. I don't care for the flowery scents at all, I'm a vanilla girl all the way!