October 05, 2009

3 Tips for Getting Dinner Ready in a Flash

Samsung and Twitter Moms are teaming up to ask the question. What are your 3 tips for getting dinner ready in a flash?

Well here are mine.

1. Use a slow cooker or crock pot. I ABSOLUTELY love mine and use it quite often. I have 2, one oval and one circle. I tend to use the oval crock pot for meats and the circle crock pot for soups, dips etc. I have tons of crock pot recipe books.

2. Have a plan. I plan my dinner's off what I already have in my stockpile and what is on sale from the local store's sale flyers. If you don't plan your meals then it is hard to get dinner ready in a flash! You can also put your plan online at Organizing Junkie's blog and see everyone else's plan to get ideas for future use.

3. I always brown my ground beef when I buy it, then freeze it already cooked. Then it cuts preparation time down because you don't have to brown the ground beef. Of course if you had planned on making a meatloaf, you couldn't do this, but you could prepare the meat loaf then put in in the freezer. Then all you have to do is throw it in the oven to cook!


knitwit said...

Awesome tip about browning the ground beef! I use my slow cooker frequently, but the beef thing never occurred to me--thanks for the tips!!

Grissell said...

I freeze sauces but didn't think to brown my meat. But does it taste different? I might try that.

Thanks for the tip


Theresa said...

No it doesn't taste different, it tastes the same.

Ronnie said...

I need to work on the planning thing. I also brown my meat then freeze--I usually chop up an onion and cook with my meat as well. We need some of those slow cooker recipes!!

One Chic Mommy said...

Great tips! I have a slow cooker in my garage, brand new in the box, it's been there for the last year. I keep saying I'm going to use it, but I have yet to do so, I know it would make my life so much easier.