September 11, 2009

Value Shopping for Children

Gap Outlet - Semi-Annual Baby SaleTwitterMoms Exclusive: Gap Outlet Semi-Annual Baby Sale Savings!

This is a topic I love!!! It is so easy to not spend top dollar to buy nice clothes for yourself or your children. I am a name brand junkie but I NEVER pay full price. Here are my tips. Go Here and Here to read more.

1. I always shop the end of season's sales to purchase clothes. You do take the risk of them not fitting but to tell you the truth. I don't think I have ever had that problem. If this does happen then have a yard sale or sell them on Ebay. You will make your money back and maybe more.

2. Join the stores rewards program, if they have one. You will sometimes get coupons in the mail and advance notice of sales. Some even let you accumilate points to spend in the store.

3. Shop Outlets, for example the Gap Outlet. They have great good quality clothes for inexpensive prices.

4. Shop consignment stores, yard sales, craigslist, and Ebay for the name brands you like.


Sheila Rae said...

Following you from MBC :)

The Leonards said...

Great advice! I went to the mall today and there was a lady buying sandals for next summer!