December 02, 2006


Is anyone else wondering where this year went??? I can't believe that it is December. And I also can't believe that Nevaeh is going to be 4 tomorrow!!!! Where does time go?? When Trey was in Iraq time seemed to take FOREVER to pass but now I can't get it to stop. I was even wrapping some Christmas presents last night. That is a first for me. We are so far ahead this year in Christmas shopping etc. Kind of scary!!

Kyan has his hemophilia clinic next week on Wednesday. I am going to see the physical therapist with him. He is going to be 16 months on the 15th and still not walking. He is still in the "normal" range but since he was diagnosed with "weak trunk muscles" he will probably have to see the physical therapist more often to get over this hurdle. He still isn't showing much interest in walking. He tries occasionally but he is really wobbly and he gives up. It is very hard for me to watch. Well I post more tomorrow with pictures from tonight's Christmas Party at the Zoo.


kRenee said...

You're ahead? We haven't even started yet. *laugh*

Happy birthday, Nevaeh!!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Nevaeh! I can't believe this year is almost over!!!